IP Door Station

Moztronics IP Door Station

Current Model Moztronics Door Station

Current model Moztronics Door Station (stainless)

Moztronics IP Door Station Asterisk Big Brass

Moztronics IP Door Station Asterisk Brass

Moztronics Easy Access MZT4200

Moztronics Easy Access MZT4200




Here is the IP Door Station that everyone has been waiting for with 2MP camera using H264 codec.

This door station interfaces into phone systems (iPhone, iPads, Android, Google)

Also a standalone version-   Door Station direct to a phone app.

This unit has a Touch button no moving parts from Jan 2015.

Marine grade Stainless Steel.

Additional features:

        •   – This unit works with Asterisk, Elastix
        •   – Has RTSP stream to security network video recorders (NVR) tested with  Geovision and ONVIF.
        •   – Can send an email photo of a person at the door station to your phone (touch-button or movement detection)
        •   – Talk and Open the door from your phone, mobile or Tablet.
        •   – Device can be powered over Ethernet POE or plug pack
        •   – Multi level entry unit for Units


Applications for use are:
– home automation
– business door stations or combined with phone system
– multiple door entry system
Part No MZT2000HD-BR Brass

Part No MZT2000HD-ST Stainless