Moztronics  MZT4000-424R SIP server is here connect your telephone line and VoIP to this system Connect your IP door intercom connect your extensions

Current Model Moztronics Door Station

Current Model Moztronics Door Station



The days of expensive proprietary telecom software are over. Moztronics SIP Server solves a wide range of challenges, from common PBX and key system replacements to highly-specialized applications at a fraction of the price of traditional systems.

Moztronics VoIP products  is a complete telecommunications platform. The Moztronics MZT Series is a business-grade version for companies who want to incorporate an Asterisk or open source solution in their business. It provides tested reliability of critical functions and features, tailored for small and medium sized business applications.

Extreme Cost Reduction
Combined with low-cost telephony hardware can be used to create a PBX at a fraction of the price of traditional PBX and key systems, while providing a level of functionality exceeding that of many of the most expensive systems available.

Works with Google
Moztronics SIP Server can sync the contacts one location

eg when someone you don’t know calls, you can save the number with that persons details

the next time that person calls the details will show up and sync to all handsets depending on your permission. also recall the person and call him back.

A High Availability configuration can be implemented at the customers request at a cost depending on the size of the setup.

Benefit: you have TWO sip servers working together so when one system drops off the keeps working with no down time.

The user can take control of their phone system. Once a call is in a Linux® box, anything can be done to it.

Rapid Deployment and Development
Moztronics SIP Server allows PBX’s and IVR applications to be rapidly created and deployed. Its powerful CLI and text configuration files allow both rapid configuration and real-time diagnostics.

Extremely Flexible Dialplan
Moztronics SIP Server has a flexible dialplan allows seamless integration of IVR and PBX functionality.


Part No MZT4000-424B

Part No MZT4000-424R

Part No MZT4000-100plus